Spectrum Analysis, what function to use ? GetSpectrum() no longer exists

I’m a beginner on fmod. I am trying to make an audio player using fmod. I want to use some frequencies of my sounds. I saw different tutorials to do so, but they all seem deprecated. In fact, I wanted to use the GetSpectrum() function which appears to be really easy to use. But I read that it is impossible to make this function works with the latest version of fmod… Do you guys have an idea that could help me ? What other function can I use ? If somebody could upload the previous version which contains GetSpectrum I would be really grateful!(Cause the few links I found no longer work…)
I have made some researches but I don’t really understand the other ways to get a spectrum analysis.
Thank you

PS: Sorry for my bad english

GetSpectrum() was a function available in FMOD Ex, it has been removed in FMOD Studio but there is another way to access this information.

What you want to do is create a dsp to access the information from and attach the dsp to the desired channelGroup.

FMOD::DSP* fftDSP; FMOD::ChannelGroup* channelGroup;

result = LowlevelSystem->createDSPByType(FMOD_DSP_TYPE_FFT, &fftDSP);

result = channelGroup->addDSP(0 /* = Head of the DSP chain. */ , fftDSP);

// Now that the dsp is attached, we can access it

void* data;
unsigned int length;
result = fft->getParameterData(FMOD_DSP_FFT_SPECTRUMDATA, &data, &length, 0, 0);

You will then be left with a struct, FMOD_DSP_PARAMETER_FFT, that you can access the information of for that particular frame.

If you would rather use FMOD Ex, please contact support to gain access at support@fmod.com.