Split Screen Multiplayer. 4 listeners. Only one is working

Hello FMOD community! I have been working on a local multiplayer game and can not get additional listeners to “hear” any events. I’ve set the number of listeners to 4 and each player has its own listener component with its own listener index (player 1 = 0, player 2 = 1, etc). I have tried setting the listener attributes as well, to no avail. I must be implementing something wrong via C# (using unity). Can someone please help me out? Here is a screenshot of the C# code. Thanks,


The helper function RuntimeUtils.To3DAttributes does not have a overload that only takes in a velocity, it is likely using the velocity (a Vector3) as the position. You will need to pass in the gameObject or transform for the position and rigidbody second.

You also don’t need to both setListenerAttributes and a StudioListener component, as they will do the same thing.

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