Multiple listeners in a scene

Hey there,

I’m currently working on a 2 player split screen game and wanted each camera to have a designated listener. I tried to use the function setNumListeners in the setListenerAttributes function to set it up but I am not really sure that is the way it should work. Is it currently possible to use two listeners in a scene? and if so how would I go about it? Additionally, how would I go about panning the listeners? I’ve seen multiple posts in this forum contradicting each other on if it’s possible or not.

Thank you in advance,

If you are using our Unity Integration, you just need to attach an FMODStudioListener component to each Listener object and the Integration will update the Listeners.

Currently FMOD supports up to 8 listeners at a time.

Okay, thank you.
Is it also possible with FMOD 1.10 or only with the newest version?
Also, how would I go about positioning the listeners in space relative to each other?

The FMODStudioListener is in all versions of the Unity Integration, you just need to attach it to the objects you want to use as the listeners and FMOD will take care of the rest.