Several Listeners


I’m developing sound in a top-down roguelike in Unity using FMOD studio.

Is there any way to have two listeners, each one receiving only one set of events?
One of them for the overall sound in the middle of the rooms and the other one placed in the character ears for certain details.

Thank you.

FMOD Studio supports multiple listeners, see System.setNumListeners and System.setListenerAttributes. All listeners exists in the same world and work with the same set of events, the panning algorithm changes to take into account all positions and orientations.

Separate listeners with separate sets of events can be done through multiple systems.

Normally top-down games use a single listener whose position is on the ground level, but the orientation is the same as the cameras.

I’m not sure what your “detail” sounds would be, but maybe using 2D events would be a solution that wouldn’t require a complicated implementation.


Hi, thank you!

I want two listeners cause when i have per example a Torch in a side of a room i dont want to hear it in 2D. I want the character to hear it only when it moves near the fire position, not from the center of the room.

I think what you want can be done with the standard design parameters of the 3D panner such as envelopment and falloff.

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