"Spread" and "Switching from Stereo to Mono"

2 questions here…

  1. I’ve heard some people who use Wwise talk about it’s ability to widen a mono sound using “spread”. What is FMOD’s equivalent of “spread”?

  2. People who use Wwise say it has the ability to switch between Stereo and Mono sound.

So for example, While up close, behind a car, the engine could be stereo, but then for cinematic shots, or other views far from the car, the sound could be switched to mono.
Does FMOD have an equivalent to this?

Thanks so much

I’m not familiar with Wwise’s “spread” feature. However, if I’ve understood your example correctly, I believe you could achieve that behavior by using the envelopment properties of an FMOD Studio spatializer effect - and specifically its sound size property.

The sound size property defines how the extent (speaker spread) of a point source increases as the listener approaches the location of the point source: When the distance between the listener and emitter is five or more times the sound size, the extent is 0 degrees; when the distance is half to the sound size, the extent is 180 degrees; when the distance is zero, the extent is 360 degrees; and so on. This ensures that when the listener approaches the source of a sound, that sound starts to seem less like it’s coming from a specific point and more like it’s coming from every part of the object supposedly emitting it.

Envelopment is enabled by default, and the default sound size of a spatializer effect is twice the event’s minimum distance (the distance between the listener and event instance below which the event instance’s volume is not attenuated due to distance). Spatialized events made in FMOD Studio therefore benefit from this feature by default.

Great, thanks again joseph!