How do I spread a 3d mono sound based on distance?

(Steve) #1

Hi Folks,

Coming from Wwise and I am trying to set a simple 3d ‘fire loop’ sound to spread when you are close to it (0 meter), my distance curve is about 0 to 20 meters.

In wwise it’s a simple curve for spread parameter but in FMod I can’t find how to do it and the documentation is not helping me, any tips?


(Brett Paterson) #2

Hi Steve,
FMOD already does this by default. Look at the 3D panner in the effect deck, it says ‘envelopment’ = auto, which does exactly what you said. Is it possible you don’t need to do anything?

Anyway if you want to alter its behaviour, you can just change it to ‘user’ and automate the sound size dial with a ‘add built in parameter’->‘Distance’.

(Steve) #3

Hey Brett,

Thanks for your fast answer! As you mentioned I managed to fix it using the Sound size and tweaking slightly my ‘min extent’ in the envelopment, thanks! I also attached a screenshot if any other audio peeps gets stuck on that type of issue.

Mono Spread Screenshot

By the way I am curious regarding this ‘Min extent’, the way I understand it, is that it forces a minimum width on the 3d sound, am I right?


(Joseph Harvey) #4

Just as you’ve guessed, min extent sets the event’s minimum width. You can see this in the 3D Preview widget: Min extent is displayed as a white overlay overlapping the light grey arc that represents current extent. (If you can’t see the 3D Preview in the event editor window, press the ‘P’ key to display the Overview pane.)

(Steve) #5

That’s great! Thanks Joseph for the tip! :slight_smile: