Where the spread parameter

Hi Forum
I seem to cant find the spread parameter. In unity setting spread to full it keeps the 3D sound close to full stereo. that should be possible to do in Fmod too right ?

Best, Thomas

There are a number of ways to affect the stereo spread of audio in FMOD Studio, and a number of different points in the mix you can do this at.

Do you want to affect the stereo spread of event instances, events, buses, event tracks, the project’s master bus output, or something else?

If you want to affect the spread of a 3D event with a spatializer effect on its master track, you could do it by adjusting the sound size property of the spatializer effect, by adjusting the min extent property of the spatializer effect, or by adding automation to the surround extent property of the master track’s panner.

If none of those options do what you want, could you describe the behavior your project needs in more detail? There’s probably a way to achieve what you want.

Hi Joseph.
Thanks a lot for your response. Actually I simultaneously got the answer from another forum and they pointed towards the ‘min. extend’ parameter as you also did. At least that seems to work the same as the spread parameter (for an audio source) in Unity. And that was my reference. However I have an additional question as I cant figure out how to make fall off curve like done in wwise. See the attached screenshot.

Try right-clicking on the min extent property and selecting “Add Automation” from the context menu. Then, by adding a curve based on a “distance” built-in parameter, you can create a fall-off curve based on the listener’s distance from the emitter.

That is awesome. I will test that out as soon as possible. Thanks a lot