Stream audio to Fmod

Hey, i have MPTK (MIDI Player Toolkit) Asset in Unity store to play MIDI via a soundfont. i want to stream that soundfont to Fmod audio to be able to apply effects like delay. someone can help me? maybe the function FMOD_CREATESTREAM ?¿

Assuming that by “i want to stream that soundfont to Fmod audio”, you mean that the you want to stream the audio produced by playing the MIDI inputs using the soundfont to FMOD, the simplest way to do it is to manually provide your audio data to a created FMOD sound. Our Unity video playback example script provides an example of how to pass audio data from Unity’s video player to an FMOD sound, while automatically adjusting for the latency between the two individual systems - you can use it as a reference on how to pass audio data to FMOD on the fly.

After creating your sound, you can add DSP effects by creating the DSP by type (i.e. rever, delay, etc.) with System::createDSPByType, and adding it to the Channel/ChannelGroup with ChannelControl::addDSP. You can tweak its parameters using the relevant DSP “parameter” methods.