How can I change "Fmod listener" to an "audio Listener"?

I want to use URS (Unity Render Streaming).

URS streams using Unity Audio Listener.

However, since I changed it to Fmod Listener, I cannot stream the sound.

Is there any way to convert or link it?

Unfortunately, FMOD doesn’t support Unity Render Streaming, so simply “converting” the FMOD Listener to work with URS isn’t possible. With that said, it should still be possible to accomplish what you’re trying to do - the broad strokes of doing so would be the following:

  1. Access audio data from your FMOD system object

  2. Pass the audio to an intermediate buffer

  3. Pass the data from the intermediate buffer to Unity’s audio system/URS

The easiest way to accomplish the first part would be to create a custom DSP, place it on your FMOD system’s master channel bus, and use a DSP read callback to access the audio data that passes through the DSP - in this case, the final output of the FMOD system. To pass the data from the DSP out of the callback to an intermediate buffer, you’ll want to set the intermediate buffer as “User Data” for the DSP. The DSP Capture example script in our Unity docs provides an example of how do the first two steps, though it uses the retrieved data to visualize the audio.

As for passing the data from your intermediate buffer to Unity’s audio system, I’m not familar enough with Unity Render Streaming to know the exact best way to go about it for this specific use-case, but using MonoBehaviour.OnAudioFilterRead to hand the audio data off to Unity seems like it would be appropriate.

Hope that helps!