Streaming to Asset Bundle

Hi guys,
I want to convert streaming assets folder to asset bundle for reduce the build size. what path shall we follow? We will use play asset delivery.


We have documentation on how to use Asset Bundles here: FMOD Unity | User Guide - Asset Bundles & Addressables which outlines how you have to create and load the Asset Bundles. If you have any more questions about this process please do not hesitate to ask.

hi connor,
We’ve converted streaming to asset bundle all banks. However, We could not control the vca groups in game. Is there any way?


Could you elaborate on how you are trying to control the VCA groups?

We removed the HaveMasterBankLoaded if check bool on the runtimemanager and it’s worked. We are usin getvca methods.


Did this solve the issue?

yes, after the returned HaveMasterBankLoaded boolean to true.

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