Studio API 1.1 setPaused method not being found?

I am using FMOD Studio API 1.1 in Python using ctypes (per the tutorial posted elsewhere in the docs).

I can successfully call without any issues in my Python code:

  • FMOD_Studio_EventInstance_SetVolume
  • FMOD_Studio_EventInstance_Start
  • FMOD_Studio_EventInstance_Release
  • FMOD_Studio_EventInstance_Stop

But when I call:

I get the following error back from ctypes:
AttributeError: function 'FMOD_Studio_EventInstance_setPaused' not found

So it’s behaving like that method does not exist. Anyone have an ideas why it’s not being picked up (yet it’s clearly listed in the API Reference)?

The specific call I am making is this:
FMOD_Studio_EventInstance_setPaused(sound_EventI, c_bool(True))
where sound_EventI is the handle to the event instance (which I know works, because I can call the _Stop method on it, and it successfully stops.

Thanks for any help!

Capitalize the “S” in SetPaused maybe?

LOL! Yes, you are right. Feeling a bit silly now for not spotting that. But in my defense, the API has (lowercase) setPaused as the main header and in most of the code calls.

But you are exactly right… the one I need to use is indeed SetPaused!

Thanks for opening my eyes! :slight_smile: