The requested Studio API object could not be found

I have been getting the following error in unity:
"FMOD Error (ERR_EVENT_NOTFOUND): The requested Studio API object could not be found. "

When I tried running the following code:

protected FMOD.Studio.EventInstance SoundEvent;
protected void Start()
	SoundEvent = FMOD_StudioSystem.instance.GetEvent("event:/Click");

I even ran through the check list posted in the sticky thread "Import workflow changed " and am fairly sure things are set up correctly. I can even play the sounds located in Assets/FMODAssets.

edit: Imagine of the event inside unity:

Thanks for the help.

Yup that did it, thanks for all the help! I didn’t see those settings within FMOD haha.

Do you have an fmod listener in the scene?

It also spits out this error when there is no listener…

Okay Thanks,

I had already put a listener on my camera, however when I checked today there was no listener! haha

So, once I attached the listener the error went away, thanks :slight_smile:

I have been having another issue;
while the error is gone, the audio still doesn’t play, even thou SoundEvent.start() returns OK.

	public void FMODPlay()
		FMOD.RESULT result = SoundEvent.start();

		//Checking for the issue
		float volume;
		SoundEvent.getVolume(out volume);
		bool paused;
		SoundEvent.getPaused(out paused);

		Debug.Log(result.ToString()); //returns OK
		Debug.Log(volume); //returns 1
		Debug.Log(paused); //returns False

I feel like an idiot haha :lol:

It sounds like you might have a 3D event which is too far from the listener, and being attenuated to silence. You can remove the 3D panner from the master track or adjust the attenuation settings.