How to make a random loop container

Hello all,

I just want to make a random loop container in Fmod Studio. My multi sound clip contain 3 loops and when i play event it’s looping randomly and sequentially my 3 loops. I would like my event pick a random loop among 3 loops and stay looping from pick up. How i do that ?

Thank you by advance

You want your multi sound module to randomly select one of the entries it contains, and then loop that entry indefinitely? That’s pretty easy, actually. You may have noticed that when a multi sound module appears in the Deck, it actually has two loop buttons. The one over the playlist loops the playlist, which is the behaviour you’ve already seen. The other one - which appears over the waveform display, in the top-right corner of the module’s deck panel - is the entry-specific loop button. If you toggle this button on for each of the entries the module playlist contains (click on the entry, then click on the button to turn it yellow), the module will behave the way you describe.

Hey !

Thank you very much Jospeh, it’s working !

have a nice day :smiley: