Suggestion: Conditions for Tracks (+fixed track AHDSR behavior)

It is possible to add AHDSR to a track gain, and the track inside the event will then fade in when the event is started - however it will not fade out on event stop. Could be interesting if this were implemented to full extent so that tracks could fade-out with different lengths on event stop, without need for a sustain point.

Anyway, this made me think, it would be quite useful if you could assign Conditions to whole tracks as well. For example if there is a vehicle sound loop blend on a track (multiple sound modules crossfaded) and you needed to use a Condition rather than track gain to disable them, currently you’d need to add the condition to each and every loop. If you could Condition the whole track instead it would be a breeze.

Just a suggestion. :slight_smile:

Okay, correction: this was based on a memory of an earlier version. I tried it with 1.10.10 and now the track fades out with AHDSR on event stop. So disregard that part. :grin:

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve added it to our feature/improvement tracker, so it will be discussed and potentially scheduled for development at a future date.

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