Suggestion: Elevation from horizon (above/below) parameter

The built-in Elevation parameter is dependent on listener direction, ie looking up and down affects it (whether the sound point is above or below the ‘crosshair’ for example). This is good for some purposes, but sometimes you need to be able to check if a sound point is above or below you regardless of which way you’re looking, ie above or below horizon.

Would it be feasible to add / implement another built-in parameter that checks the angle relative to the horizon, ie whether the listener is above or below the sound point?

A Cone Angle pointed up and down can take partial care of this, but it’s more to manage because the sound emitter points need to be rotated to a specific angle for it to work, and may then not themselves rotate or it will affect the cone angle. So an automatic, straightforward above/below angle would work much better here.

Thanks for the suggestion! I’ve added it to our feature/improvement tracker.

For the time being, the best way to track the relative altitudes of your event instances compared to your listeners is to do it in code.

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