Suggestion: Profiling CPU performance in the Unity inspector

I’m working on an Android project and currently (as far as I know) to profile CPU usage of FMod I’m using the “debug” in debugger which adds the DrawDebugOverlay showing CPU / Memory details as a %.

I use the built in profiling tools a lot to check and test code and updates. Currently I have all in-Unity audio switched off and FMod handling the whole audio workload. To get a correct view of the performance on different devices I have to quickly scan the Unity profiler, and then scan the FMod overlay and make a few guesses as to what is affecting each part.

It would be brilliant if you could somehow integrate with the Unity profiling panel - eg this stuff

I have a feeling its not very simple when you’re running as a plugin, but it would be really helpful!

Thanks for the suggestion, we will look into it.

FMOD Studio also has it’s own Profiler that can be connected to a running game.