Suggestion: Self-resizing New Transition Region & New Magnet Region

Pretty self-explanatory. I often find myself spending quite some time resizing regions to fit the length of a clip.
It would be nice to have the same option as the “New Loop Region” when you right-click on a clip.
And, even better, add a shortcut for all these common actions!
Thanks for your consideration

This seems a reasonable suggestion. Do you want transition regions, destination regions, and magnet regions to all have this feature?

Yes that would be great! Thank you Joseph

Thanks for clarifying. I’ve added this suggestion to our feature/improvement tracker.

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Hy joseph sorry to bring the thread back, I was wondering if there’s a public roadmap for future FMOD updates

There is not.

We follow an agile development model in which the scope of each sprint is flexible, so our schedule for developing features is subject to change. This means that if we did release a public-facing development roadmap, it would have to be either vague about dates or subject to change, and thus not useful or reliable as a tool for planning a game’s development.

Totally understandable, but I had to ask :slight_smile: