Support for other VSC

Greetings, looking to see when FMOD Studio will support other VCS besides Perforce, SVN and Team Foundation Server.

Would love to have support for Unity Version control system (UVCS) formally called PlasticSCM, VCS as well.

I’ve used perforce before and I absolutely hate the way it works, SVN, Team Foundation feel a bit outdated now?.

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PlasticSCM already provides some FMOD Studio scripts that allow you to use PlasticSCM with FMOD Studio. The Plastic team developed and maintain them so I don’t know what state they’re in atm.

We don’t have any plans in the near future to support more source control providers but we’ve noted your interest and may support more further down the track.

Hey Andrew, do you have a contact for the Unity VCS? E.g., the people that have those scripts?

Thank you!

Hey Andrew, i contacted Unity VCS and they sent this response

We have some scripts for FMOD Studio that allow you to use Unity VCS/PlasticSCM as a source control provider. We’ll probably include them in the FMOD Studio 2.02.23 release.