Fmod Integration with Perforce and Unity

Hey all! I’m currently working on a group project and we’re using Perforce for version control. I understand how to get Fmod working in Unity with the integration package, but when I added Perforce into the equation I botched it completely and received a tonne of errors on my console.

Basically what I’m asking is: what’s the best approach for setting up Fmod and running it in Perforce and alongside Unity, and how do I operate with it from there?

I am also operating on Mac whilst the rest of my team are running on Windows.

Any links or guides to tutorials relevant to this would be a great help too as I haven’t found any.

Hi Mike,

In general, the source control setup in Studio is fairly straight forward. After opening the project (the source control settings are project specific), if you haven’t already setup the connection details, you can do so via the “Source Control” tab in the Preferences dialog. In there, you should set up the connection just like you would with P4V (i.e. the ports, user, workspace, password and character encoding if any).

Assuming your project is already in Perforce and you have a Perforce workspace setup, that would be all you need. After that you can submit changes from within Studio. Studio automatically checks out file as you make changes and reverts them if no change has been made. If multiple users are working on the project, we highly recommend syncing the project from Studio itself as doing so will allow you to merge and resolve changes.

There isn’t any official guide at the moment but we are working on that. So stay tuned!

I’m also curious about this. Is there an example screenshot of a successfully set up Source Control page with P4? I have all the info from my project but I don’t know what to type in for Host and am trying to locate that info in P4 but can’t find it.



Studio uses the P4’s terminology and the Host typically refers to the machine name. If you open up P4V (i.e. the visual client for Perforce), under the Workspaces tab, you will find Host as one of its columns (you might need to toggle its visibility). On the command line, this would be the P4HOST environment if you have it set. This is mainly use to filter workspaces. Hope that helps.