Support for PS5 Sony Propagation Audio


I am investigating PS5 VR integration with Unity 2022.3 & FMOD.

As far as I can tell from various forum threads FMOD has support for PS5 Spatializer audio mixing by using the 3D Object Spatializer effect.

However, I was unable to determine if the 3D Object Spatializer also makes use of the Sony AudioPropagation library. This library approximates reflections off nearby surfaces and adds some reverb based on that. However, it requires raycasting against level geometry to calculate this.

It seems that FMOD has a Geometry API, meaning we could potentially feed FMOD with the level mesh geometry. Although based on other posts, this functionality does not actually work with Unity. So perhaps there is some other way of feeding raycast information to Sony.


  • Does FMOD Unity plugin support the Sony AudioPropagation library?

  • If so, how does the raycasting work?

    • Via FMOD geometry API?
    • Is there some other method of ferrying the raycast information between Unity & AudioPropagation library?


Unfortunately, we do not currently support Sony AudioPropagation. However, we do have a task to address it so I have noted your interest.

If there is an update I will post it here.