VR Integration Unity

PC Unity 2019.2.4.f1 – FMOD Version 2.00.03

I am trying to integrate FMOD with my vr unity project and have made a few observations. If someone can provide insight so that I know I am on the right track that would be great!

1.) Attempting to add a 3D sound with the built in FMOD spatializer results in the sound not playing when using the studio event emitter script. But if I manually write a script instructing the sound to play it will play but in Mono… losing the stereo depth.

2.) Problem is corrected by deleting the spatializer from the chain.

3.) Please confirm this: Without a spatializer on the event sounds will not attenuate based on the listeners distance and direction to the game object.

4.) Please confirm this: In order to have 2D events attenuating in the virtual space I will need to install resonance audio plugin. And use the spatializer provided by RA on my chain.

I have gone through the FMOD Unity integration documentation quite carefully, and see nothing about VR integrations and differences. I have also looked through the FMOD user manual.

Thanks any insight would be appreciated!!

There is no reason that the FMOD Spatializer would not work in any kind of game. A great way to debug things like this in game is to use the FMOD Studio Profiler, it can provide a lot of information about all the Events in the game.

If the Event is playing but not audible then it may be a listener issue, can you confirm the FMOD Studio Listener component is attached to the camera?

Events without a spatializer are considered 2D and will not be automatically attenuated, unless using something like the built-in distance parameter.
Adding any spatialzer (FMOD Panner, FMOD Object Panner, Resonance Audio, etc.) makes the Event ‘3D’ because it is automatically attenuated.