Support for UE4 4.8

This post has the current status of our integration with Unreal 4.8

Support for 4.8 is up at github. We will build a binary release in the next week.

Epic have improved plugin support for 4.8. It has the following features:

  • Supports building the plugin from the commandline (useful for our build process)
  • Supports deploying plugin required .dll files when building the game (works for windows)
  • Planned support for linking plugins against blueprint-only projects (works now!)

Unfortunately there is one outstanding issue with 4.8, mentioned here:

The above issue means that /Desktop files will be filtered out, so it is no longer possible to deploy FMOD/Desktop/*.bank files!

Until this is fixed, we recommend a workaround for 4.8. Go to Studio bank screen and add a “Mobile” platform. Change the encoding to vorbis, same as desktop. That means you will get FMOD/Mobile/*.bank files, which UE4 will not filter out.

Then, in UE4, find the FMOD setting “Force Platform Name” and type in “Mobile”.

That works around the issue until it is resolved.


Has there been any update on this?

We are testing the build, I hope we can release binaries tomorrow.

There was a problem on mac due to an engine change that we had to workaround, but its looking good now. Too late to push out a build today but we’ll have one tomorrow.

Thanks for the updates :slight_smile: can’t wait to get FMOD working with 4.8

We have a newly built binary release that should work with 4.8.x available for download!

When upgrading, please see the documentation regarding deployment:

Have you verified that Epic’s “AllDesktop” change fixes the problem? What’s their CL number?

The CL is 2588676 but I haven’t personally verified that it works.

I’ve verified that it works.