How to Build FMODStudioOculus Plugin UE4, Windows

I’m aware that this is a known issue, but there is little guidance here on workarounds. I have projects that require release in 8 weeks and cannot shift my sounds into another audio program.

I need a solution to this error in UE4 (Windows). Geoff Carlton mentioned building the plugin ourselves, which I’m happy to do as an interim solution, but I need to know how to do this.

Please advise.


There are a few ways ways to do it, depending if you are on 4.7 or 4.8.

1.) Build all of UE4 from source including the plugin.
This is what we did for all of our 4.7 builds. It requires getting UE4 source from github/P4, then following instructions to build UE4. If you drop the FMODStudio into the engine directory, it will build the plugin .dll files used by the editor, and also build the static UE4 executable used in the final builds.

Downside is it requires you to get all of UE4 and build it, which can take hours. Also be aware that the .dll files that come through UE4 source are named differently to the names the binary expects (for 4.7 at least).

If you want a UE4 executable that has the plugin statically linked on any version of UE4, this will work.

2.) Build the plugin from the command-line (4.8 only)
If you are asking the question, you are probably on 4.7. But for completeness, in 4.8 it is now possible to build a plugin on the command-line using the UE4 binary download. The way to do this is to make sure the plugin is NOT in the engine directory, to put it somewhere else, say C:\PluginSourceDir. Then run the following:

C:\Somewhere_To_UE4\4.8\Engine\Build\BatchFiles\runuat BuildPlugin -Plugin=C:\PluginSourceDir\FMODStudio.uplugin -Package=C:\PluginOutputDir\ -Rocket -TargetPlatforms=Win32+Win64

That will produce binaries and intermediate files that will work with the UE4 download. Takes a lot less time than 1, doesn’t need any renaming of anything, and is fairly straightforward. But it only works on 4.8 onwards. Be careful, whatever you put as the output directory gets completely deleted. Don’t put it as root of UE4, or anything important. Avoid C:\ for example.

In 4.8, plugins get relinked so there is no need to build the whole engine any more.

3.) Build the plugin as part of a game (not tested)
In theory, you should be able to put FMODStudio into a game’s code project and build it. You can do this by creating a code project (NOT blueprint only), creating a Plugins directory, and dropping FMODStudio in there. Make sure the plugin is not also in the engine directory at the same time, then build.

This might work in 4.7 but I can’t guarantee that, since it we never built it that way. For 4.7 builds you will need to keep FMODStudio\Libs in the engine directory even if you move the plugin into the game folder.

In summary, if you are on 4.7 and don’t want to move to 4.8, try option 3. If it doesn’t work, go for option 1.



I’ve tried option 2 but am faced with a couple issues…

First, I had to build UE4 for Android. Did that, all fine.

Now, I have to build UE4 for HTML5 and I’m not sure how to do it properly.

I’m a tad confused though, as you said that it would be possible to run that command without building the whole engine. I don’t seem to have been able to avoid that :confused: It’s not a problem, and I’ve learned along the way, but now I’m stuck at this HTML5 thing and unsure how to proceed.

Any advice would be appreciated - particularly a way of sidestepping both Android and HTML5 builds for UE4. I’m getting the impression that once I do the HTML5 one there’ll be another… I don’t want to go through Linux, IOS, etc. if I can help it!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Excellent :slight_smile: Thanks, I will give these a whirl :slight_smile: