Suppressed Gun Sound Routing

Hi! We are working on an FPS mobile game. We designed our dry gun sounds and tails. Now we will have some suppressed versions of the guns. So we designed some suppress layers to add to the sounds and we are planning to filter the gun tails and dry gunshots. We don’t want to add more events and sounds to the game, we want to keep it simple. Since it’s a multiplayer game we are not sure about the routing. How can we EQ every gun (we will use 3 different EQs) and how can we make the system work? We are working with Unity. Thank you!

How many gun events have you? I think you should create a preset of the effects you want to apply, and insert them in every weapon event. Using presets ensure future modifications will apply everywhere.

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Thank you, Alcibiade :slight_smile: We have about 40 gun events. This solution sounds great. Does that consume a lot of CPU if too many players use suppressed guns?

Let’s say we have two players fighting together, one of them has a suppressed Glock and the other player has a regular Glock. We have to make them hear the right thing. So we have to activate and deactivate the EQ for gunshots right? Is it a problem if they shoot one after the other? Is it a problem if the suppressed Glock user shoots while the tail of the regular Glock user’s sound is keep playing?

In fact I just though of a much better option:
Create two distinct busses in the mixer for your weapons, one of them with the suppress effects. Route the gun events to the normal bus, and automate the master volume (to be muted) and a send prefader to the suppress bus.

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Thank you! This was our first idea also. Does that work in simultaneous shoot situations (both suppressed and normal guns at the same time in the same area)?

Yes, because the idea is to do the automation (normal/suppress) at the event instance level. At the opposite, a snapshot automation on a whole bus wouldn’t work in that regard since it would apply on every events being routed through it.

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Hi! We tried this solution. Here is our problem: Two players are using the same events (AK47_Dry, AK_47_Tail). One of them is using the suppressed AK-47 and the other one is using the unsuppressed AK-47. We are automating between the suppressed group and the unsuppressed group. They are shooting together in the same area. We couldn’t find a way to make them hear different sounds since they are locally using their bus (group) routing. A player is hearing all the audio either from the suppressed group, or the unsuppressed group.

Just to be clear, the solution I suggested was to automate, on the weapon events, both: the send level to the mixer suppressed bus, and the main volume (routed to the mixer non suppressed bus). And of course, the parameter automating this should be local, to apply only locally to each instance. Both mixer busses levels have to stay constant. Is it what you’ve done?

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Oh! Now I understand it clearly. We will automate the send levels of our events.