Surround (5.1) not working

We have a problem with the fmod studio program and api.
We have created a project in fmod studio and added all the sound and so on, everything works fine there. But when we build it and try to play it with C++ there is no sound, it’s completely silent (but I get no error for trying to retrieve the event, so the event is there - just mute).
The problem, we discovered was when we added a surround sound (5.1) to the sound bank, when we only have sounds in mono built to the sound bank it works fine but as soon as we add a surround sound to it even the mono sounds (that worked in the last build which we havent made any changes to) get mute.

Any idea on how to solve this? We really want to be able to use surround (5.1).

(the surround files are 5-tracks)

Otherwise, thanks for an awsome audio middleware!

Sorry about this, and thanks for the bug report. We have reproduced the issue here and are looking into a fix.