Surround collape from 5.1 input on master bus


I’m having trouble maintaining 5.1 signal path from my event throughout to the final output. Sometimes this works (rarely) and I can hear proper surround panning when i mute my front speakers , more often than not, the output of a 5.1 sound event (DeepWater_2) is collapsed into stereo.
testing the path by activating a 5.1 compressor/sidechain
I have tried several different sound cards with identical results.

The VU meters still display proper 5.1 all the way to the mixed but somewhere in the mixing desk in between the subgroup IN and it’s master output the channels collapse to stereo.

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Updated Fmod Studio to 1.07.01 (even though there is no mention of any panning fixes in that build)

The Group ambiences subgroup had become corrupted (?!) and was outputting stereo only. There was no way to clean the project and fix this so I simply created a new Group and pointed the Ambience event to the new group.

Everything is now in glorious 5.1 surround. Time wasted beta testing: about 4 hours.

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Hi Yanni,
Which version of FMOD Studio were you coming from? I will see if there is a relevant revision.txt entry.

Hey Brett,

I was using 1.06.11 but I don’t believe ver 1.07.01 made any difference.

Hi Yanni, I meant to follow up on this, I don’t suppose you still have the old project in revision control or something that we can look at, with the forcing to stereo behaviour? I misread before and thought you meant 1.07.01 was the fix, i see you mean the new group was the fix now.

Yeah it’s in there in SVN - major time suck to go back and revert due to the brand new folder structures.

Actually SVN is causing major screw ups on my end trying to revert. Due to the old /new file structure. Best I can do is send you the files inside Mixing Desk / Events folder and see if you can work with those?

Project files sent via email

Hi Yanni,

I believe with SVN you can check out from the repository the last revision just before the new structure of the project got checked in. You wouldn’t have to revert your current project, instead you can checkout the old format project to a new directory if you are familiar with the command line.

Here’s a link to the SVN command:

Typically with signal format issue, it would be best if we have the entire project as it is affected by various factors including the audio assets. Let us know if you need further assistance with the SVN command.

Hi Yanni,

I received a copy of the Events and Mixing Desk folders that you sent through. Looking at the only mixer group that is named Ambience, it appears the speaker format on the panner has been set to Stereo with LFE enabled.