SVN Slow Issues:Create New object

Hi,I find that import new file with svn and perforce both wait seconds time per file.
And I try to log the cost time,and found something.

because the new file have no head version, the error will always happen.
Each of them cost 100ms+, and I think that’s why import new file cost much time.
I hope to fix the issue soon.
If the fix only effect the js script, can u share me the fixed js-file as soon as possible?

I find every single svn request cost 100ms. that’s why import a lot of file cost large time.
Can fmod improve the cost ? like merge request or behavoir?


Thanks for the report, I’ve flagged this with the development team. As a workaround, if you’re using Perforce you should have a smoother experience using the “Perforce (Legacy Integration)” source control option, which should be free from this issue.

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