Switch building with EDEV, fmod 2.00.05 sdk 8.3.0


I’m trying to build my project on switch but have some IL2CPP issues.

I was wondering about the “sdk 8.3.0” mention when downloading the switch package from the download page. Is it that I need to install the exact 8.3.0 version of the NX SDK within the Nintendo Dev Interface ?

Through their environment setup tools (within NDI) I see that the latest unity3d version linked to 8.3.0 is 2019.2.0 and none after. Is that a limitation that I need to respect precisely ?

Thanks for the help !

It is recommend you just use at least 8.3.0 , it doesnt have to be exactly that. It could be higher.
The sdk when it comes to audio doesnt usually change , so other sdks are typically still compatible anyway.
The different versions are linked to and publicized for submission purposes mainly.