Switching a sound from 3D to omni within a mindist

My programmer and I are trying to solve a specific playback bug. When moving sounds starting panning from front to back relative to the camera/listener’s perspective, we’re getting a glitching or popping, as the sound emitter tries to resolve whether it should be in the front LR pair, or rear Ls Rs pair. We’re thinking that one possible solution would be to create a mindistance or minradius around the player/listener/camera, inside which the sound becomes omnidirectional for as long as it’s within that sphere. Then as the sound exits that sphere, it locates back to wherever it belongs within 3D space.

I can think of ways to do this per event, but we’re trying to apply it globally. Any ideas on how we might set that mindistance omni sphere around the camera? Does FMOD support something like this already, or do we need to code from scratch?