Trying to lose directionality of 3D sound when inside minimum distance

I’m trying to simulate the effect of a 3D sound essentially ‘becoming’ 2D when I am inside the minimum distance of the sound and trying to simulate this effect in the Fmod Sandbox mode - however it seems even when I am within or ‘outside’ a minimum distance of say 10 or 20 meters, the 20 meters “starting” point being outside the inner ring or circle, I still am hearing the effect change direction with the little arrow on the listener, as in the sound will pan in an odd direction still if I move the listener or rotate it in a certain direction, what I’d like is to have no pan directions happen at all when inside the minimum distance or inner circle/ring.

There’s a disclosure triangle on the spatializer effect. If you click on this disclosure triangle, you’ll see the effect’s pan override properties, including the “Mix” property.

The Mix property determines whether the spatializer effect pans and attenuates the signal based on 3D position, or according to the pan override panner.

In your case, it sounds like you want to automate the Mix property on a distance built-in parameter, such that Mix is 100% when the distance parameter’s value is low.

Hey Joseph, thank you for your response.

That I am actually already aware of with the pan override properties that can be expanded and to mix the sound between 2D and 3D this way, but I was looking for a way to do it specifically usin the min - max distance value on the spatializer effect.

I could be wrong of course, but my understanding is that if you are beloe the minimum distance set for a sound source, or rather that’s where your listener is presiding, so you’re within the inner ring at about 5 meters away from the sound source when the min distance is actually set to say 10 or 15 meters, that being in this proximity to the sound source, but not yet within the minimum distance would cause the sound to play back in 2D from this point, then when crossing the 10 - 15 meter threshold, I should start to hear the spatial effects come in.

Does that sound correct? Or is my understanding of this off base somehow.

Min distance is the distance within which the spatializer does not not apply any attenuation due to distance. It has no direct effect on panning.

Min distance can indirectly affect panning in a limited way if the spatializer’s envelopment is set to auto, as this causes its sound size to be double the min distance. However, this is not sufficient to make an event entirely 2D; as there is always some degree of directionality, no matter how high the sound size property is.