Tempo Loses Sync Over Time Between Event and Nested Event

FIXED: It turns out the loop region was a 128th note shy of a full bar.

Is there anyway to conveniently snap loop regions and other items to bar lines and larger subdivisions (quarters, 8ths). I feel like I am constantly at risk of something being slightly off even though it appears it’s on the line.

I have a music event that is set to 86 BPM. I also have a nested event which internally is 86 BPM and has seamlessly looping music inside of it (tested indefinitely, loop is always good). The music loop inside the nested event, is 100% starting and ending directly on the grid.

I have this nested event (third track in this image) looping in a 1-bar loop region which has the opportunity to hit the transition to “Marker C” at the turn of every bar. Once it successfully completes the transition, you see at Marker C it is set to continue 1 more bar of its playback until the bottom audio file takes over the music as a baked track.

When testing this a few times immediately, it sounds like it works perfectly. However, I have tested this with the looping region lasting for a while (say, 10-11 bars) before the Marker C condition is met, Once this happens, and it transitions to Marker C, the bottom track audio file inexplicably is playing slightly earlier in time than it’s supposed to.

It is almost as if the main event time synchronization is lagging behind true 86 BPM, possibly because of the loops or transitions, and the longer you allow the loop to continue before transition, the more the resultant final pickup melody is drifted earlier than it’s supposed to.

I would seriously appreciate any advice on how to fix or workaround this. It is imperative for me to have the nested event that has looping music inside of it and still be able to play other events in synchronization with it, no matter how many times it has been looped.

EDIT: Here is the internal nest loop if you are curious. It has the same tempo marker, it’s just offscreen at the beginning of the event.