The parameter go only one way

I make a system of health in the game, when I am injured sounds that I have little health (Sound Effect,loop, Eq low Snapshot) and so when I heal it turns out that he does it all only in reverse order.
Is it possible to make the parameter go only one way but not the other in fmod?
For example (100 - 0 YES) (0 - 100 NO).
because it comes back and makes the same sounds and snapshots but in reverse

Have you tried giving the parameter an assymetrical seek speed, such that it changes to its new value instantly when increasing, but ramps down gradually when decreasing?

In version 2.03.00 and later, you can give any property a seek speed by adding a seek modulator to that property. In earlier versions of FMOD Studio, seek speed is a property of all parameters.

We have a different way of working when we lose HP by 10 or 50 depending on the strength, we also have a station where you can heal and it heals gradually (10-20-30-40-50).

In that case, you’ll have to track whether the parameter is increasing or decreasing in your game’s code, and trigger events accordingly. FMOD Studio has no built-in way to detect that information, and the design of your game makes the usual workaround for that limitation impossible.

ok! thanks, think about making such methods possible in the next update:)

Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll add it to our feature and improvement tracker.