Seek speed is being overridden

Fmod 2.02.15
I have a “low health” system.
So once the player gets 1st damage, an event “player_low_health” is played (and keeps playing).
Upon 1st hit, a float (player_health) is being sent to the player_low_health as well.
This value is initially 4.
Upon second hit, the value goes to 3, abruptly (like an int) and upon 3rd hit, the value abrubtly goes to 2 etc.
The same event is playing all the time (it is being started with first hit). All that is changing is the parameter being sent to it.

I have changed the seek speed of the incoming parameter player_health, in order to not have an abrupt change in my audio (I do filtering and fading in/out of stuff gradually).
The seek speed of the player_health is set to “2”.
I can hear the lerp/seek speed if I play the event inside fmod and change the parameter. But once I get the parameter changes from unity, they are abrubpt changes. It is as if my seek speed is being bypassed somehow.

I have read that this can happen if the parameter is set before playing the event, but this is not the case here. It is always the same event that is playing. Only the parameter is changing.

Even when playing back my gameplay from the profiler and selecting “simulate” results in the same choppy integer like sound/seek speed


Would it be possible to get a copy of your project or a stripped-down version displaying the issue uploaded to your profile? Please note you will have to register a project with us before you can upload files.

Could you please upload the Profile session that you have recorded as well?