How to change Seek Speed in realtime??

Hey there,
Is there a API to change the seek speed of parameters???
This is my situation: I had two track to playback simultaneously, one low intensive and one high, the low track will play all the time, and when the character into the fighting, the high track will fade in,vice versa. I wanna get a fast fade in and slow fade out. I know I can make the volume automation in the Timeline, but there is a drawback-- When the high track was fading out, the character was into fighting again, and the high track would stop fading out and start fading in from the zero volume! That’s a bit of weird (maybe I did not get two perfect track). I thought if I could use two different seek speeds(high up,and slow down) of parameters,make the volume automation in the parameter view instead of Timeline, I would get a smooth consequence.
Or maybe there is a workaround. Hope I clear, and any comment are appreciated.

I agree, the ability to automate Seek Speed would be a nice feature. I’m sure they have a logical reason why this isn’t currently available though :wink:

For your particular use-case, we recommend applying an AHDSR modulator to your high track’s sound module’s volume property; This will allow you to specify different attack (fade-in) and release (fade-out) times without using seek speed.

It is possible to change the value of a parameter with seek speed instantaneously when the event is paused, but this is often impractical, especially in musical events such as yours.

We have received a number of requests to be able to alter seek speed at run time. This feature has therefore been added to our feature tracker, and will be considered for scheduling at our next quarterly roadmap meeting.


Is there any update on this feature?

No, this feature has not yet been scheduled for development.

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I would also love to see this feature! Cheers & thx