The perforce operation has timed out due to extended period of inactivity

i have this problem, it’s been happening a lot for the last two months, I didn’t do anything
i use fmod2.0
Thanks for your help.


Can you clarify what you mean you didn’t do anything? Is your project connected to source control, is this prompt coming up when you are saving or just working on the project?

yes,my project connected to Perforce,it come up of nowhere

hi, my fmod (2.00.04) also often loses connection with p4v.
I can understand timed out after a period of inactivity, but the problem I meet is that fmod drops the line for a very short period of time (sometimes less than 5 minutes), but my friends around me rarely experience this problem.
Is there any way to solve it? thanks!

I didn’t do anything, just running in the background.

The currently supported versions of FMOD are 2.01 and 2.02. Could I recommend migrating your project to either of the current major versions? The process is outlined in FMOD Studio | Advanced topics.

Have there been any changes to the Perforce settings in your preferences recently?

Thank you for your answer, but the version cannot be updated at this time because the team unanimously chose FMOD 2.0 :smiling_face_with_tear:

Perforce settings has not been modified recently.

Connection to the server will get checked quite often when working on a project connected to source control. Is the server still online and accessible through the P4V Client?