The volume is lowered during the transition timeline

As the title says, the volume is lowered during the transition timeline, and I don’t want it to. I am new to fmod and can’t undestand why its lowering the volume during the transition?

Anyone got any tips on what the problem could be? What am I missing?

I can’t tell the cause for sure without more information about your project, but I can see one potential cause in your screenshot: There are no source and destination regions for your audio 2 track. Without source and destination regions, there is no way for content on that track to play during the transition timeline, and its exclusion from the mix may result in your event sounding quieter.

If it’s not that, it may be that the fade-out and fade-in curves on the “Audio 1” track’s source and destination regions might be sloped such that the volume of that track dips towards the middle of the transition timeline, but I’m unable to check this just by looking.