Time in a programmer sound

Hey everyone, I’m working with FMOD in UE4, and am currently loading a user-selected music track at runtime using createSound(), and then setting that as a programmer sound on an FMODAudioComponent. For the most part, everything is working fine.

However, I’d like to to be able to jump to certain points in the music track. This does not seem possible by just calling SetTimelinePosition(), since the programmer sound is not timelocked. Is there a different way to jump to a specified time in a programmer sound?

Thank you!

In FMOD Studio versions 1.09.00 and later, you can set any programmer sound module to Async mode, which allows you to seek within the trigger region as you would that of any asynchronous sound module.

In 1.08.XX and earlier, the only way to seek within a programmer sound module is to adjust that sound module’s start offset property, located in the trigger behaviour drawer.

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