Nested Event Timeline Marker Not Triggering


I’ve been trying to use an event to switch between one piece of music into another using trigger boxes in UE4. It works fine when it has to apply the change, the thing is that this switch has nested events and those events have timeline markers on them.

The big problem is that, since those events are not being triggered anywhere else aside from the switch via parameter, it will not take the callbacks from the nested ones.

How can I make it work? How can I check that the switch is playing that particular event and trigger the gate with the timeline marker from that last event?

There is currently no way to get callbacks from markers in nested events. We do plan to add this feature at some point in the future, but it has not yet been scheduled for development.

In the mean time, we recommend constructing these events without the use of nested events, perhaps by constructing both pieces of music on the same event’s timeline and using transition markers to switch between them, or by using your game’s code to track which piece of music is tracking and switch between them.