Tips for newbie for using FMOD in ONLINE multiplayer Unreal project?

Hi there everyone,
I would love to know what happens when I integrate FMOD into project in Unreal, which is supposed to be online. My experience so far was only with offline games, but I am not sure, how the build behaves when you want to make an online games in which more players are able to log in/join.
My friends are working on a project, which is basically just an open world map with some basic stuff (and also, they want to implement a voice chat, so that would be probably the most difficult part of it I guess). It would be much easier for me to implement sounds with FMOD rather than in Unreal Engine itself, but so far, I only found people with lots of problems on the internet forums (like sounds being trigerred without any logic when any other player enters and stuff like that).
Are there any know issues, or maybe, are there any advices/things, that one should know before implementing FMOD into an online game?
Thank you!

For the most part, the FMOD integration should work as per usual. The only special thing would be the voice chat which isn’t a feature available out of the box. You would need to either utilize a third party voice chat system and pass the resulting voice audio data into an FMOD event’s programmer instrument, or you would need to create your own system from scratch which is a bit outside the scope of support for this forum.