How too make a voice chat system with FMOD in Unreal Enigne?

Howdy! I’m looking to implement a voice chat system in my game with FMOD, is there a way to do this in unreal engine?

There is no out-of-the-box FMOD solution for voice chat, there are dedicated voice chat Plugins that handle the audio I/O and networking requirements for you. If you wanted to route that audio data from a voice chat Plugin into FMOD Studio for effects, spatialization etc then you can do it in the following way:

  • Setup a programmer instrument in FMOD studio
  • Get mic input and implement a PCM Read Callback on the Sound object; the C++ record example shows you how to do this and is available in the FMOD Engine for your platform
  • In the read callback, fill the buffer with audio data coming from your choice of voice chat Plugin
  • Play the programmer sound in Unreal via the API

Can I use the default voice chat system that comes along-side Unreal engine for this?

You should be able to, anything you can attach a Submix Effect to you should also be able to access the underlying audio data and introduce FMOD. You can check out the Unreal SubmixEffects classes in “Engine\Plugins\Runtime\Synthesis\Source\Synthesis\Classes\SubmixEffects” to see how to access the audio data in Unreal.