Traffic Sounds in a car game - One event or each in it's own event?

I have like 6-7 different engine sounds, each with RPM parameters, for NPC traffic.

Should I place each one in it’s own event? Or is better to keep them all in the one event, and control which one plays with a parameter?

Cos in the one event, I could do stealing of the furthest away / quietest… right?


This will depend on how you want to use the event(s). Stealing and instance limiting aid in performance. Having a single event also will make it easier when assigning the event in Engine.

Again it will depend on your implementation.

Yes I want to aid in performance. So I would like to have them all in one event. But what happens if there are 2 different engines playing at the one time? Can i place the same event in multiple locations in the scene? Thanks!

You can also have stealing with the multiple events: just create a group bus in the mixer routing, containing all your engine events, and apply the stealing on that bus in the mixer.

Of course that’s possible !.. What would be the meaning of stealing and controlling the number of instances if it wouldn’t be possible to have multiple instances of an event? But maybe I didn’t understand your point.