Transceiver receiving tracks continue to play on object destroy/disable

Greetings, my transceiver receiving game objects continue to play after destroying or disabling the game object via script, or even in editor view at runtime.

I am using version 2.00.06 of FMOD studio and Unity 2018.1.6f1

Thank you in advance.

How do you have the transceiver sending event set up? You might be hearing the original event still playing.

Are you able to get a Live Update profiler session captured? You might be able to see better what is happening with these game objects.

Just tried it, absolutely no changes, including the same number of instances.

In my main event, I have a track that has the transceiver transmit effect. There is a parameter (0-1) lowers to infinity the transceiver send, and also (0-1) raises the track Fader gain to 0. So basically both events aren’t heard at once unless the parameter is somewhere in the middle.

With the parameter at 0, disable/destroying the gameobject with the transceiver receiving event emitter doesnt do anything to playback.

Sorry when I said to get a Live Update session, I meant you should be able to see if the command to stop the event with the transceiver receiver is called at the right time, if at all.

Do you have a video of this happening? I’ve not been able to reproduce it on our machines.

I got it working, but I had to build my own script calling a stop and release.

But I needed to write that script anyway as it allowed me to expand the functionality of transceiver objects.