Playing a Sound on a seperate object


How would I play an event but triggered from another object?

E.g. Object A would have the trigger, but Object B would have the sound.

Do you mean that the sound should follow the spatialization of B? Why don’t you create a function in B that plays the music, which you’d call from A?
Also, you could use transcievers. B would be an empty 3D event, with the receiver, playing constantly (has to be set as persistent) ; A would contain all the sound and would transmit it to B (transciever pre-fader, fader to -inf).

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Hello and thanks for replying. Yeah, so if a “player” walked through Object A (trigger) that would then tell Object B to start playing the event. e.g. If a player is walking around and triggers a sound from the other side of the level. I’ll need to look into transceivers.

What you describe here seams more like a standard programmation problem (communication between instances) rather than a specific FMOD problem. IMO, transciever is a quite hacky tool, used to solve more complex situations, it shouldn’t be necessary here (but anyway it’s a good tool to know).

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