Transceiver event not stopping

Hello everyone.

The problem is this: it would appear that if you try to stop an event containing a transceiver set to receive, it will get stuck at ‘STOPPING’ until all sources that may be transmitting on that channel have fallen completely silent, even if either/both transceivers’ Level is set to -∞ (which doesn’t stop the dB meter on the transceiver moving up and down either). This occurs in FMOD Studio as well as in-game in Unity.

Is this behaviour intentional, and if so, how can one stop a receiving event without having to pause/stop the transmitting source events?

Thank you in advance for your time.

This is by design. What is happening is the stop() command is allowing fade outs so as long as there’s some kind of signal coming out of the event (eg. from a reverb or delay effect, or a transceiver) then it will be in the “Stopping” phase.

If you wish the transceiver receiving event to stop but the transceiver sending event to continue, then you need to call FMOD_STUDIO_STOP_IMMEDIATE in the stop() function on the transceiver receiving event.

If you wish all transceiver receiving events to stop at the same time, then you should call stop() on the transceiver sending event.

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Hello and thank you for the swift reply!

I understand the thinking behind this behaviour, but I cannot grasp why turning the transmitting transceiver’s Level knob all the way down will not let the receiving event die in peace, since no sound is being transmitted/received? Essentially, this means that the Level knob currently is only half-functional, in that it only lowers the user-audible output, but nonetheless behaves as if the transceiver is still transmitting/receiving anything other that silence. Why is that?

Finally, what happens if the receiving transceiver is in a nested/referenced event?

The reason the event doesn’t release automatically when you move the level to -oo dB is because events don’t release naturally (ie. without stop() being called on them) if there is audio input going into an effect in a tracks effect chain. When you set the level to -oo dB, that is for the output of the effect, the input is still receiving audio, even if that audio is not audible.

I will add the ability to release the tranciever effect if the level is set to -oo dB as a feature request to our tracker. We will look into it for a future release.

In regards to nested/referenced events, they behave exactly the same way as a normal event would. For as long as the event instrument is triggered and the parent event is playing, the transceiver will play the audio it receives.

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