Transciever Latency Issues

Hi everyone… i ve been using transciever for a while, but just found a problem. I think the transciever is adding some latency to the sound. Is that for a fact, or there might be another problem going on?

Im using transciever to redirect a specif layer of the music that shoud be spatialized and linked to an object in the game while mainteining sync with the other layers… but when i test it it sounds a little bit late.

Any comments or experiences with this kind of setups??


That is correct, the transceiver effect does have a delay on it. This is by design to avoid phase issues.

You are able to place the FMOD Spatializer on any track of your event. Doing this will allow you to have a spatialized track that keeps in sync with the rest of the event. Place the entire event on the game object in question and it will spatialize that track whilst keeping the rest 2D and audible.