How to use the Fmod Transceiver

Hey guys, I was trying to use the Fmod Transceiver Plugin in a certain way but I’m not sure if there is something I am not setting up correctly with regards to logic.

So if I have one music event that is all time locked and working on tempo and with transitions, if I put a transceiver on each of the tracks within that event sending to different channels, for example, guitar 1 to transmit channel 1, guitar 2, transit channel 2, and so on…

If I then make a new 3D event and add the corresponding transceiver for guitar 1 on the master track and set it to receive, on channel 1, and then pan that sound around with the 3D Panner, I get no fall off/attenuation occurring?

My hope was to be able to put guitar 1 on its own 3D event, guitar 2 on another 3D event, and so on, but not exactly sure how to achieve this. The key is that all the music stems themselves stay in one event that can keep track of parameters and transitions and whatnot, but while giving each a different 3D setting on another event.

Appreciate any advice here! :slight_smile:

I don’t have your project in front of me, so I can’t be sure, but I suspect you’ve placed the transceiver effects to the right of the spatializer effects in your “receiving” events. If so, the solution is to drag the transceiver effect to the left of the spatializer effect in each of those events.

Effects in a signal chain are processed from left to right. If the transceiver effect is to the right of the spatializer effect, the spatializer is used to pan and attenuate the track before the output of the transceiver is added to the track, which results in the output of the transceiver not being spatialized. Reversing the order of the effects reverses the order in which they are processed, and ensures that the spatializer’s effect is applied to the signal coming from the transceiver.

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That was what I was looking for, thank you Joseph! :slight_smile:

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