Transition Expanders in Logic Timeline

I double clicked on the transitions and they expand the timeline out to the right but how are these used? I can’t drag media to them and I can’t find any documentation on this.

Unfortunately, our documentation is lagging behind our features at the moment, so you won’t find any documentation on this feature just yet, but we’re working to catch up.

What you have discovered are ‘transition timelines.’ As the name suggests, they’re mini-timelines that exist in parallel with the normal timeline, linking points defined by logic markers. When the timeline cursor hits a transition marker, it moves onto the transition timeline, travels along it, then exits back onto the normal timeline at the transition’s destination marker. This destination marker could be anywhere on the timeline - even at a point before the transition marker. (A certain running joke compares them to spaceships going though ‘hyperspace,’ bypassing normal space in order to transition from one location to another.)

The purpose of transition timelines is to allow you to insert time - and content - into the moment between the cursor hitting a transition marker and its arrival at the destination marker. At the moment, the only content that can exist in a transition timeline is automation points, but eventually we’ll make it possible to add new modules and trigger regions, as you tried to do. We’re also planning to make it possible to extend trigger regions that already exist onto transition timelines, which should help make them more interesting.

Very cool! I can’t wait to play around with those.

if transition regions cannot have any sound right now, how do I remove them?

Or do I make the green timeline just very small?

At the moment, there’s no built-in easy way to remove a transition timeline from its transition; If it’s already too late to undo adding the transition timeline you’ll have to delete the transition marker and create a new one with the same settings.

We do plan to release a version with the ability to delete transition timelines soon.

I’ve been able to remove them by expanding the area and then dragging the right side back over so the gap is null.

Setting them to have zero length technically doesn’t remove them entirely, but as you’ve noticed, it should prevent them from having a noticeable effect under most circumstances.

When they are fully implemented will I be able to have one audio file’s tail drag out through gap and have a pre-roll for the next piece of audio?