Transition from FMOD Ex API, or finding an Ex 64-bit static library

Hi, I’ve got source that uses FMOD Ex which I need to port from 32 to 64 bit Windows. For what I’m doing 32-bit compatibility won’t work. Sadly, for this API I can’t locate any 64 bit static library. It seems the 64-bit statics were only built several version later. Assuming I can’t get this 64-bit library for Ex, I will need to update the source to a later version.

I don’t know which version I have, I only see “FMOD Ex - Main C/C++ header file. Copyright ©, Firelight Technologies Pty, Ltd. 2004-2010.” and #define FMOD_VERSION 0x00011000

I’m struggling to find anything which helps me migrate from an Ex API to a more recent one, especially wrt FMOD::MusicSystem which no longer seems to exist (functionality in event system?)

Any help hugely appreciated.


you can try loading an fmod designer project into fmod studio, and there is a guide for migration from ex to studio at

Thanks for the quick response - will take a look.