Transition marker not transitioning to the expected Region

My transition markers are not behaving the same.
Some of them are going to the right markers, others are not.
For example on the screenshot below:

*Transition Marker “To Region A” goes to loop region A.
*Transition Marker “To Region B” goes to loop region B.

*Transion Marker “To Region D” goes to loop region A.

It works well for some of them, but not all do behave in the same way.

Not sure if that’s a bug?

FMOD Studio vers. 2.01.07 64-bit Build #113487
running on Win10.

The problem is that your regions are contiguous.
In this simple setup below, “To C” goes to A, because in fact it goes to the beginning of C, which is also the end of B with the transition “To A”, which goes… to A!
Let a bit of space between your regions and it will work properly.

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Thank you @Alcibiade !

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