Transition markers not behaving correctly

I’m not sure if this is a bug or not, but I’ve set up four music loops with four markers.

Part 1, 2, 3, and 4.

I have Transition Regions and loop regions that are a part of each one. I’ve linked it to an intesety parameter.

When I first start playing it, it’s looping fine on part one. However, if I switch to part 2, the playhead completely vanishes. It then plays part of part 2 then goes to a part of 3 and the continues to loop at incorrect positions. However, if I tab over to the Intensity tab and then tab back, the playhead is where it’s suppose to be and it loops properly.

Here’s the file.

Any ideas? Thanks.

I’ve attached the project file for anyone to take a look at. The sounds are free to use as they are currently also in submission for the Unity asset store.

When the cursor disappears, it is going into the transition timelines associated with each of the transition regions you created.

Transition timelines link two points on the timeline in a non-instantaneous transition, as opposed to the instantaneous transitions that occur by default. They’re usually created whenever you double-click on a transition marker or transition region marker; I’m guessing you did this at some point while setting up the transition regions.

You can remove the transition timelines by right-clicking on each of the transition markers and selecting the ‘Remove Transition Timeline’ menu item. (Note that this doesn’t remove the transitions - just the transition timelines attached to them.)


Thanks. I think I see how these work now. I’m still getting use to how I’m suppose to make these things and the transition timelines make it a LITTLE complex, but that’s ok.

Thanks for the help!